For the mom who can’t do it right


I don’t know if anyone resonates with this, but I’m really hard on myself. I’m my worst critic and biggest bully sometimes. And that inner voice became a harsh reality when my third baby was born.

Okay, let’s be clear: I’m barely to a point where I’m qualified to talk about this yet, but I’m going to share anyways.

I felt so overwhelmed when my third child was born. I mean, having three kids quite literally knocked the wind out of me and pushed my sanity limits!

And over everything that wasn’t getting done, or wasn’t getting done according to my super ridiculous standards, I tore myself to mere shreds of the woman I truly am. 

To such a point where I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, even try some days. I was so angry with myself for failing – at anything, big or small.

Some days I still feel this ( hey, old patterns ease with intention and time ), and to that I say: it’s okay.

To the little girl inside me who doesn’t quite know how to fail yet, it’s okay.

The truth is that failing is a normal part of daily life…as long as you’re doing.

So to Me, I say this: there will be kid’s lunches packed to imperfection some mornings. Maybe I didn’t make it to the store the day before to stock back up on the good stuff. Maybe I have to pop popcorn for lunch snacks.

I still don’t suck.

There will be dishes left undone in the sink if I am privileged enough to read extra bed time stories one night. Or if, Lord forbid, I do something fun or relaxing instead. Does it really matter?

The laundry will pile up many days ( because we all know that’s just what laundry does best ), and guess what? That still won’t mean I’m an awful, failing human being.

There will also be days where I’m just plain frustrated! Frustrated with working so hard, frustrated with relationships, frustrated with being so tired, and frustrated with going to sleep at night, only to wake up in the morning to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. 

But here’s the point of this post…I now give myself leniency to feel all these things. To make all these mistakes, if you can call them that ( I’m human, just saying ). I work to allow myself to feel any emotion under the sun without calling myself crazy or lazy or dumb for it. I work to allow Me to mess up without sending myself into a downward spiral of self-bullying, sabotaging, and quitting just to avoid it all.

And yeah, it WORKS. Here’s the formula I follow: I fall down, I get back up – without calling myself names like “bad mom”, or “lazy idiot”. Without the silly, pointless drama.

And the end result can be described as feeling 10 lbs lighter without having lost an ounce of physical weight!

Why it works

I truly believe that the more rigid we are with ourselves, and the more harshly we speak to ourselves, the more we struggle with everything. Think about it like this: if you hate someone or constantly speak to them disrespectfully, will they do work for you or with you, gladly, and without pay?

Probably not. And it’s the same thing with yourself. If your internal dialogue is chronically disgusted with YOU, will you show up in your day with a smile on your face and gratitude and optimism in your heart?

Or will you feel tired and beaten down a lot of the time?

I think you see where I’m going with this. Being at war with yourself by picking apart and hating on yourself, keeps you stuck in a never-ending cycle. It’s hard to have peace with anyone in your life, let alone get anything done, if you don’t even have peace with YOU.

Try something crazy with me this week

Encourage yourself and speak to yourself gently. Don’t let yourself off the hook for accomplishing what needs to get done. But speak to yourself lovingly, the way you would speak to a small child, the way God would speak with YOU. 

One cool added bonus to learning how to treat yourself right, besides living a healthier, happier life, is that you’ll probably find it easier to extend that same gentleness to your children.

When you acknowledge your inner critic, love her without judgement, and let her know she’s not in the driver’s seat anymore, you will change the future for your own kids. 

After all, your voice that they hear now when they fail, is their own future inner critic. But like securing your own oxygen mask first ( which would be really hard to do, probably ), it begins with YOU. It has to.

How will you talk to yourself today?

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Mumps in Anchorage: thoughts to ponder

Some of us Alaskans have known about the Mumps outbreak in Anchorage for a while now.

But as of September 25th, 2017 it has been officially announced with 13 cases confirmed. This is Alaska’s first outbreak in two decades, the last being 10 confirmed cases in 1995, according to KTUU news.

I know that there are parents today riddled with worry, wondering, in light of the outbreak, if they made a good decision to delay vaccines, or to opt out of the agenda entirely, and not really knowing where they can turn to ask questions without being name-called or having their concerns dismissed altogether. If that’s you, you have my full empathy, one mama bear to another.

So, without further ado, let’s break this down with a few thoughts to ponder, shall we?

image1 (8)

First, let us observe and appreciate the zombie doomsday font that somebody obviously put a lot of thought into. 😉

Have you ever considered how the only diseases we are taught to fear – or even think about – are the 16 vaccine preventable ones?  There are literally thousands of diseases that we have no vaccine for – although some 300+ new vaccines are in the works – that are not on your radar, including things as hideous as the Black Plague.

Horrors like the Black Plague aren’t relevant in our country because of vaccines indoor water and sewer and clean living conditions. Outbreaks do occur, however there is no recommended vaccine for it, therefore media coverage is brief and not so sensationalized.

And how about E. coli? A little off topic, but that’s a potentially lifestyle-preventable, deadly infection that is not even spoken about in the pediatricians office. At least not commonly. But why not? Isn’t E. coli prevention awareness important? Isn’t E. coli far more dangerous than measles or mumps?

Lacking historical fact, it is easy to teach vaccine philosophy. When people escalate their fear only when they know a vaccine is recommended, they have been well taught.

– Cynthia Cournoyer, What About Immunizations

Second, let’s get into the claim that the Mumps vaccine ( MMR ) is 88% effective after two doses, because that’s quite a lofty bragging point.

I think this statement implies for parents that 88% of the time, MMR is effective every time ( big on Anchor Man references here ). But this is not what they mean, and this is part of how vaccine effectiveness and failure is obscured for the unknowing public.

It’s important to know that this vaccine isn’t observed to be effective 88% of the time in its recipients. The efficacy of a vaccine is officially determined by titer testing ( the measuring of blood antibody levels ), and I make the argument that titers may not actually be as accurate a marker as they are touted to be, if at all.

The statistics on the production of antibodies in the blood after vaccination can be misleading as well. Certain people naturally develop antibodies in their blood after having a disease or after being exposed to a disease. They are thought to be immune. Then there are those who don’t develop antibodies and still never get the disease regardless of repeated exposure.

Antibody production in the blood remains the primary measure of weather a vaccine is determined effective or not. In other words, depending on the level of antibodies to a certain ingredient in a vaccine, a person is determined to be immune to that disease. However, prominent lab technicians say that the high antibody titre ( measurement of concentration ) has nothing to do with the prevention of any disease. Those with a high titre count often develop the worst cases of disease while those with the low count may not develop signs of illness. In every incidence of infectious disease, there are those exposed who never show signs or symptoms of that illness. Therefore, a given person may or may not get a given disease in his lifetime, regardless of exposure to a disease, so it cannot be said that the person was protected only by the vaccine.

– Cynthia Cournoyer, What About Immunizations

As with all parenting choices, I advocate not that you do or you don’t, but rather that you take your time and weigh pros against cons, benefits against risks.

Because of politics and financial interests, the world is not openly told the truth about vaccinations on any level. Instead we are told one line and one line only: vaccines are safe and effective; vaccines save lives. 

As a mom to three children more precious to me than my own life, I can’t just swallow that line as the deciding factor for a decision as huge as this. Especially having personally experienced adverse effects in my own life, in my own children already.

The truth is that vaccines do not guarantee immunity and do pose a significant risk. This isn’t controversial, except among those ardently devoted to hearing and acknowledging only propagandized facts that directly align with Vaccine Philosophy, as vaccines are legally classified as unavoidably unsafe.

Couple their official classification with a few hours of reading through VAERS ( Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System ) reports, which is admittedly a minuscule portion of all adverse reactions, and VICP ( Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ) payouts, which has now exceeded 3.1 Billion with a B dollars, and you too will have a strong understanding of just how ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines really are.

While I can’t say that vaccines undoubtably never confer immunity, I’m also not willing to say that they guarantee immunity, because they do not, nor am I willing to say that their benefits outweigh their risks. The reality is that prior to the release of the original live-virus Mumps vaccine in 1967, and the beginning of its routine use in 1977, Mumps was just another everyday childhood illness, with 75% of cases occurring within the age bracket of 14 years old and younger. Complications stemming from Mumps in this age range were and are rare, though vaccine profiteers report otherwise.

There is evidence to suggest, though, that through vaccination practices we have postponed this childhood disease into adulthood. By 2004, more than 79% of all Mumps cases were seen within the age bracket of 15 – 24 year-olds. The issue with this complete age demographic flip-flop is that Mumps poses greater threats of complication ( though still rare ) for adults. And while natural immunity is for life, vaccine-induced immunity wears off, thus the need for lifelong boosters, which most adults don’t get. This means that an adult man who received the mumps vaccine or MMR as a child may contract Mumps as a young adult with a higher risk of suffering sterility in one or both testicles as a result.

It’s also well worth noting that MMR is considered to be a dangerous product which needs immediate recall, as of over a decade ago in my informed opinion. I digress.

We can also look at the history of measles and see that when it was a regular part of childhood, 1 in every 10,000 children would potentially suffer from resulting encephalitis, or swelling of the brain, and again, that’s likely to occur in a child with a pre-existing condition or lifestyle susceptibility.

Today there is no official estimate for exactly how many children suffer encephalitis as a result of the MMR vaccine itself, however from my research it seems likely to be in the hundreds if not thousands+ of cases per year. Encephalitis is a listed side effect of the MMR vaccine and cases are frequently listed in VAERS reports, as well as VICP compensation cases. 

Again, I’m not here to convince you; I’m here to share with you that the story of vaccines is much more in-depth than the little bit of cover story we’ve been told, and you deserve to make an informed decision that is fully and undoubtably your own.

To make a wise decision when it comes to any unnecessary medical procedure, and especially one as controversial as MMR, we need all the facts, and we need to garner these facts from reputable sources, which do not include sensationalized news headlines or any strictly biased websites or agencies.

I’d like to thank Alaska officials for being honest in this case with their admission that, while the MMR vaccine is recommended, it may or may not provide you or your child with temporary immunity, and you may indeed contract mumps despite receiving the vaccine.

I’ll leave you with this one last thought: thoroughly read the MMR package insert. Familiarize yourself with it, and talk with your naturopathic doctor or practitioner about what it all means. Be informed! Knowledge is power and peace of mind.

From every angle, opinion, and source, I hope you begin your own investigative work.

You deserve to be healthy, FREE, and to make informed decisions for your family – without pressure. Don’t ever take my word for it.

Hugs’ n health, Ashley Lynn

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A wake up call: carcinogens in childhood vaccines

Paint&CreateLast week I wrote a fairly in-depth post about the problems with the Flu shot, and the lack of scientific proof that it is safe or effective.

I touched on the untested carcinogenic potential of the Flu shot, and I’d like to break that down with the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule today.

As a mom, I know this sucks to read, but cancer is the leading cause of death in our children under the age of 14. And, despite the fact that some people will try to obscure the truth by using stable death rates ( meaning, even though our cancer rates have skyrocketed, about the same number of children die of cancer today as they did back in the 70’s ) cancer rates are still steadily climbing higher and higher.

I’d like to help connect the dots between one issue that, by design, generally isn’t recognized by the public. The issue is the carcinogenic potential of our current vaccination schedule.

Let me start by saying again that this topic isn’t cool. I know. I’m a mom, and to be honest with you, without the experiences I’ve had, I wouldn’t be here writing about this today. I’d probably be like the majority of Americans, smack dab in the middle of a war between two vocal groups: pro-vaccine extremists and anti-vaccine extremists. 

Fortunately for you, I’m in neither of those radical camps. I am simply a mom who watched her son regress into autistic behaviors after his shots, and started reading. I still remember feeling uneasy in my gut, thinking there was a possible connection to his shots, and rationalizing those feelings and first hand experiences away with the slogan “doctors know best”.

Since that time I’ve learned some things about the vaccine industry that sound so radical and twisted you might just think Stephen King himself made it all up.

Recently I went through a 6 week intensive study course and received my certification as a Vaccine Education Specialist for the sole reason that I care about the future of our country, as well as your family. It is my mission to get information into the hands of uncertain moms and dads; that moms and dads and the whole United States of America will one day wake up, rise up, and once again demand better for our children and the world.

Here’s what you didn’t know about childhood vaccines and cancer

The carcinogenic potential of individual vaccines, let alone the vaccine schedule as a whole, has never been tested or evaluated in any way.

That means that neither your doctor nor the people formulating and manufacturing the vaccines can assure you that they will not cause cancer in your child, or yourself. How do I know this? Because it says so right there in any vaccine package insert. 

This is ON record, no one, not even your doctor, will deny it.

And what makes this lack of safety testing so completely and utterly unacceptable is the fact that you are bullied into vaccines every time you step into an allopathic doctors office, yet these vaccines actually contain carcinogens. 

Now, let me break this down so you can see that I’m not sensationalizing things here.

While the vaccine cocktails themselves have not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential, some of the individual ingredients in the vaccines are known carcinogens. 

That’s right. Known carcinogens are being directly injected into our children via “life-saving” vaccines. How is that not sickly ironic?

Let’s go over the basic list, and de-mistify some of what you might have heard about this. Keep in mind there is a long list of neurotoxins and mutagens ( substances that cause gene mutation ) in vaccines as well, but for now we’re going to exclusively focus on the ingredients known to cause cancer.

FORMALDEHYDE: Formaldehyde has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC ) as a Group 1 carcinogen, right there with Asbestos.

Several studies have identified statistically significant positive associations between exposure to formaldehyde and cancer at other sites ( besides nasal ), including the oral cavity, oro- and hypo- pharynx, lanynx, lung, brain, pancreas, Hodgkin lymphoma. and multiple myeloma. – IARC

According to the CDC you should avoid all contact with Formaldehyde.

Now. let me address the claim that Formaldehyde in vaccines is magically safe because it is produced naturally in the human body in minuscule amounts.

There is a serious difference between what the body itself creates and maintains careful balance of, and environmental exposure. The FDA claims that “exposure to formaldehyde from vaccines differs from environmental exposure because the small amount of formaldehyde via injection with a vaccine occurs briefly and only occasionally”. 

Can the FDA list sources proving this to be true? Can the FDA provide credible scientific research proving that Formaldehyde is safe, or broken down safely or effectively detoxed by the body when injected, even though it can cause cancer when associated with every other orifice of the body, no matter how ‘brief’ that contact may be?

And does the FDA consider 26 vaccinations or, 26 exposures to Formaldehyde before 24 months of age, and 69 exposures by age 18 “occasional”?

Do YOU see a problem here?

ALUMINUM SULFATE: Commonly known as Sulfuric Acid, this substance is so toxic you are supposed to seek medical attention if it comes in contact with your skin. But, it’s magically safe in vaccines, right? Don’t forget that vaccine safety conversion magic 😉

BENZETHONIUM CHLORIDE: There is some controversy over whether or not Benethonium is a carcinogenic agent, however I find significant enough information in my research to point it out as a serious potential health hazard. Please read through the sources I have listed at the end to make up your own mind.

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE: First off, anyone who tells you that MSG is safe is either a fast food addict and justifying this for themselves, or they are blatantly lying to you.

MSG is an excitotoxin, which is how it gets you hooked. It excites your brain cells to the point of death, and leaves you wanting more. MSG is also associated with the acceleration of cancer growth, as seen in animal studies.

By the way, how are mice used in the study of obesity drugs, when no species of mice are naturally fat? They first must be made fat by being fed MSG, which triples the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. Can’t test weight loss drugs on regular sized mice 😉 But wait, could this be in part why Type 1 diabetes mellitus ( auto immune attack on the pancreas ) is a side effect of some childhood vaccines?

That last bit is my speculation, to be fair. I have no clue the exact mechanism by which – to use scientific lingo – vaccines cause T1DM. But I believe it’s important for us all to start thinking for ourselves and trying to connect some dots here.

MONKEY KIDNEY CELLS: African Green Monkey ( Vero ) Kidney cells are a listed ingredient used in manufacturing for culturing purposes. Again, I know this sounds sensationalized, but if you’re one of the few people who cares enough to read this far, you definitely owe it to yourself to look into this particular fact further.

First of all, the mutagenic and carcinogenic potential of combining monkey DNA with human DNA is completely unknown. Second, Vero cells are self-replicating. What does this mean upon introduction into our own bodies? I don’t know, but don’t you think that’s a good question?

One huge problem with the continued use of monkey kidney cells is that they contain viruses that may expose us to disease, including cancer.

The devastating SV-40 virus is a perfect example of this. 

From 1950 to 1963 around 63 million people were exposed to the deadly SV-40 cancer virus through polio vaccines, that were actually left on the shelves for continued use before the public knew anything about it. It literally still gets me how awful the history of vaccines is…however that’s another post entirely.

Dr. Jonas Salk, Joseph L. Melnick of Baylor University in Texas, Dr. Michael B. Shimkin of the National Cancer Institute, and many other officials came forward in defense of the Polio vaccine, saying that no sufficient evidence had shown a link between SV-40 virus and cancer in humans.

Maurice Hilleman, microbiologist, developer of some 36+ vaccines, and former Chief of Merk Pharmaceutical’s vaccine division is famously on audio record with colleagues, grotesquely laughing about how he accidentally brought AIDS and SV-40 virus into the country with infected African Green monkeys back in the days of “crude science”. One of the men in the recording laughs and says, “What Merk won’t do to make a Vaccine.”

The truth of this statement makes me sick for humanity. However nothing surprises me with Merk, the same company who, in recent years, received a mere slap on the wrist in fines for killing 60,000 people with Vioxx, and the very same company who literally burned documents proving an autism-MMR connection.

Ironically the MMR coverup is considered controversial. I digress.

The point is, who decided that parents ought to be mandated by law to inject African Green Monkey Kidney cells into their little children in this experiment? 

The fact that vaccines can lead to infections and infestations, and lymphatic and immune disorders, as listed in the adverse events section of the package inserts, should be cause for question in the cancer equation.

The fact is that we all have cancer cells in our bodies. The question is whether or not we develop disease, based on environmental and lifestyle factors. Refined white sugar feeds cancer cells. Fast food feeds cancer cells. Chemical exposures feed cancer cells.

An acidic cellular environment is a literal playground for cancer proliferation.

So what is the net effect of toxic vaccine ingredients on our bodies? Due to the lack of adequate safety studies we can honestly only speculate based upon the individual ingredients listed, many of which are mutagenic, neurotoxic, and carcinogenic, as discussed.

But what is the synergistic effect when combined into one cocktail, and paired with 15 separate cocktails of vaccines given in 69 doses? We simply don’t know.

The carcinogenic potential of childhood vaccines has not been evaluated. And furthermore there has never been a single long-term, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study done to examine the difference in health outcomes for vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. What short-term studies are preformed use other vaccines in place of a true placebo.

This raises some important questions for me as a mom, as it should for you. For one, I’m no scientist, but can I assume two plus two still equals four here, and that two carcinogens in one product means twice the health hazard for my child?

The pharmaceutical industry has an undeniable track record of ruthless deceit when it comes to the health and safety of consumers. Am I now to simply take their word on safety at face-value, simply because I’m told to by the media?

Even though listed potential side effects include immunodeficiency, and other disorders of the immune system?

Furthermore, do we as Americans need to settle for crappy vaccines, simply because they’re cheaper and more profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to roll out?

Will history continue to repeat itself, and will profits continue to take precedence over divine human beings?

I hope, if you made it through this post, I will have caused you to question some things, and more importantly, that I’ve inspired you to read, read, read.

From every angle, opinion, and source.

You deserve to be healthy, FREE, and to make informed decisions for your family. Don’t ever take my word for it.

Hugs’ n health, Ashley Lynn

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I woke up this morning to see people shocked that mainstream news reported a new finding associating Flu shots with miscarriage.
I’ve been getting around to sharing some stats with you, so it looks like today is a great day to get to it. 
Let me begin by saying this: the Flu itself is NOT a season. Have you ever thought about this?
Your immune system doesn’t change itself or shut down automatically through some sort of magical, scientifically undocumented phenomenon. What actually happens is that your immune system changes in response to your environment: AKA your lifestyle and the availability of fresh produce and sunshine.
During the winter we tend to hole up in our cozy clothes with our toxic, immune-suppressing junk food, and we simply don’t drink enough water ( during any season, honestly ). We become bio-accumulating organisms, reaping and sowing the disastrous effects of a modern first world lifestyle.
Combine that with a lack of essential nutrients from fresh foods, sunshine and other sources of Vitamin D, and holiday stress in place of exercise, and yes, you have a season in which people are exceptionally susceptible to viruses and dis-ease in general.
The “flu season” is, truth be told, a very profitable business marketing scheme. And before you comment, please think about this: is there any big money to be made off of healthy, vibrant people?
No. Follow the money. The pharmaceutical industry is a TRILLION dollar industry that thrives when you don’t know how to be healthy. That is the ONLY way they make money.
So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss the actual product being marketed to you, to be received at the age of 6 months old and up. Before rolling up your sleeve I hope you will consider the following facts about the flu shot:
  1. The Flu vaccine has absolutely ZERO clinical trials proving it’s efficacy or safety. Bet you didn’t hear that in the advertisements. Essentially this means that YOU are being experimented on. Yep, the manufacturers get to skip right to phase 4 with this one. It’s all for the greater good, right?

2. Some of the most toxic ingredients on Planet Earth are being injected into our infants, children, pregnant women, and elderly with this shot that is supposed to be preventative medicine. Some of these ingredients include the following:

  • Polysorbate 80 – a known infertility agent and carcinogen
  • Thimerisol – 50% mercury by weight, and NO, there is no such thing as “safe” forms of mercury. In fact ethyl mercury metabolizes in the body as methyl mercury, and is even more dangerous when injected into primates than ingesting ( we have a protective gut wall ) small amounts of methyl mercury in contaminated fish, etc.
  • Formaldehyde – exposure can increase the risk of asthma in young children. Formaldehyde is also known as one of the most dangerous carcinogens you can ever come in contact with. “In view of its widespread use, toxicity, and volatility, formaldehyde poses a significant danger to human health.[12] In 2011, the USNational Toxicology Program described formaldehyde as “known to be a human carcinogen“.[13][14][15]
  • Sodium Chloride – can cause congestion of the internal organs and encephalopathy ( swelling of the brain, brain damage ).
  • Sucrose – can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Madin Darby Canine Kidney ( MDCK ) cell protein – dog kidney, anyone? The net effect of mixing canine, monkey, and fetal cell proteins ( common vaccine ingredients ) with our own DNA has not been evaluated.

Now, how are these ingredients, injected directly into your bloodstream, going to help you live long and prosper again? Is it really any wonder that so many end up hospitalized after the shot, or why the Flu vaccines result in the highest payouts from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund ( VICP )? 

Or why it is now ( although this is old news to anyone who has read the manufacturer inserts front to back ) associated with miscarriages? 

3. No studies have been conducted evaluating the synergistic effect of all of these ingredients combined, or their combined carcinogenic potential, though some are classified as Group 1 carcinogens ( right there with Asbestos ) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

4. Children and adults who received this particular vaccine in the original cohort study of the vaccine prior to licensing were observed for 7 only days. Any reactions occurring on the 8th day or after are considered “post-marketing experiences” if they are reported at all. This is exactly how it goes with this industry. If they were honest they’d go bankrupt.

Some of the post-marketing side effects I’d like all my friends to be aware of are:

  • Blood and Lymphatic System Disorders 
  • Eye Disorders
  • Immune System Disorders
  • Infections and Infestations
  • Rhinitis, Laryngitis, Cellulitis
  • Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Nervous System Disorders ( Anxiety, anyone? )
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Vascular Disorders
  • Urticaria, Pruritis

5. In pregnant women, the estimated risk of major birth defects or miscarriage during the trial for this particular vaccine I have listed was up to 20%.

My heart breaks for my country as I see the absolute deception and greed that surrounds this product.

I say the word product intentionally in place of the words “vaccination” or “immunization” because, for one, people need to remember that the Flu shot is a marketed PRODUCT and not a life-saving necessity as we have been conditioned to believe, and because the Flu shot is NOT an immunization. 

The word immunization implies that one will be immune upon receiving a shot, but there is zero evidence to show that the Flu shot does confer immunity.

So, what are your options?

I want you to know that, despite genius marketing scare-tactics, you are not hapless prey just waiting to fall victim to any random virus. That is, unless you CHOOSE to live that way, or unless you have suppressed immunity for any other reason, in which case I would personally avoid these neurotoxins all together anyways.

The reality is that your health outcomes depend on both exposure AND susceptibility. Personally, when I’m living well and avoiding refined sugar ( etc ) I could care less if I’m coughed on by a sick kid. Good luck trying to break the defenses of the God-made miracle that is my natural immune system. 

Regardless of wether or not you get the shot, here are the only true steps you can take to have a healthier body and stronger immune system this “Flu season”:

  1. Wash you hands and keep your fingernails short! It is especially important to keep your children’s nails very short as they come in contact with everything and their little hands are always on their face.
  2. Eat a plant-based diet full of fresh foods, a wide range of colors and nutrients, and healthy fats including Wild caught Alaskan Salmon and quality fish oil. 
  3. Supplement with plant-based, non-synthetic vitamins and minerals, including Buffered Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Evidence shows this is more effective at preventing Flu. Plant based Vitamin D3 supplements are available for my local friends at Forget Me Not Alternative Healing. 
  4. Drink plenty of fresh ( preferably bottled spring or quality filtered ) water. Shoot for 1/2 your body weight in oz everyday, more if you are pretty active.
  5. Exercise 6 days a week for 20 – 30 minutes a day. 
  6. Sleep. Rest. Rejuvenate. Practice yoga or some form of mediation to bring balance to your mind, which will help counteract holiday/work/life stress.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to sort through some of the following sources ( these are just a few ) to make up your own mind about the Flu shot. Whatever choice you make for your health, you deserve to make a fully informed one.

For more information or for one-on-one coaching services, please enter your information below.

You were born with a purpose; you deserve to be healthy, and you are free to be so…as long as you are willing to unlearn a few things 😉

Hugs and health,

Ashley Lynn


Dessert for the cavity-prone kid

I almost didn’t post this because it doesn’t look very pretty but hey – I promised you today’s teeth-friendly dessert recipe didn’t I?

First, a quick back story. If you don’t feel like reading scroll to the recipe. I won’t be offended😜

So you might be wondering what in the heck “teeth-friendly” means, or you might already be two steps ahead.

Either way here’s a quick explanation.

Some foods such as nuts and grains ( like the oats from yesterday’s recipe ) contain something called phytic acid, an enzyme inhibitor that, long story short, is not great for developing teeth. Well, it’s really not great for any teeth for that matter, according to research that I’ll link in a more detailed post.

My experience and interest with nutrition and dental problems is an interesting story for another day. For now, I’ll just say that nutrition MATTERS in the health of your children’s teeth, and it’s not just about avoiding soda pops.

If you or your child is prone to cavities or carries, you might find this to be useful info too. 

Below is a teeth-friendly crisp that I originally adapted from the Minimalist Baker’s raspberry rhubarb crisp. I changed pretty much everything and replaced the oats with the coconut flakes and it’s pretty good😊 However the original recipe was incredibly good as well, so definitely check her out.


• 4 cups ( altogether ) of chopped organic strawberries and finely chopped rhubarb

• 3 TBS coconut sugar

• 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

• 1/4 cup almond meal – use ground fresh from almonds ( previously soaked and roasted ) for an extra teeth friendly version

• 1/4 cup coconut flour/meal

• 1/4 cup coconut sugar

• pinch sea salt

• pinch of cinnamon optional

• 4 tbs melted ( over the stove, not microwave  ) coconut oil

How to:

Preheat the oven to 350 + grease your baking dish with coconut oil. I personally use a paper towel so there isn’t an excess of oil, which can dilute the recipe.

Next mix the 3 TBS of coconut sugar in with the berries and rhubarb. Then scoop into the baking dish.

In a separate bowl combine the dry ingredients and blend evenly. Then pour the 4 TBS of melted coconut oil over the whole thing and combine with your hands, squeezing it together to form the “crisp” topping.

Spread the topping evenly onto the berries and bake for 40 – 45 minutes, or until the sides are bubbling up a little bit.

Let cool for 15 minutes OR refrigerate for a while. Personally I like it better cooled, and even better the next day. I guess it’s like pizza that way. 

Hope you enjoy☺️






3 signs you’re doing way too much cardio

I legit cringe when a woman looks at me with depressed certainty and says, “I can’t get in shape or lose weight. I did HOURS on top of hours of cardio for months; nothing happened.”

I get it though. I do.
Because at some point during each of our young teenage lives, every one of us ladies was fed the same ridiculous magazine fitness spreads.

You know the ones – remember those super fit chicks with the obligatory fake breasts ( not harshing on boob jobs, just pointing out the programming here ) doing leg lifts and some light yoga?
You saw it once, twice, a hundred times, and somewhere along the line the message stuck: you are supposed to have Barbie doll proportions and get them by the sweat of your cardio-stricken brow.

Because girls don’t exercise like men, girls exercise like GIRLS! Duh.

Sense my sarcasm… It’s fricking patronizing, really.

🌟The real deal🌟 

In the Ayurvedic world, which is the traditional Hindu system of holistic medicine, we recognize that different body types and personality types { doshas } do well with different exercise types.

What does this mean for you? It means that no two women are exactly alike. So if you’re going to thrive in a lifestyle that includes daily or weekly fitness, which is ideal, you’re going to need to find your ‘soul mate’ workout style.

That being said, MOST women need more resistance training than they’re getting.

🌟Three signs that you need more resistance🌟

#1. You aren’t losing weight

Every pound of lean muscle mass you put on your feminine frame is another fat burning tool in your belt. How is that possible? Simple: a muscular body burns fat at rest.

Want to burn fat while you sleep? Lift weights for 30 – 60 minutes three times a week.

And no, you won’t look manly, unless of course you’re taking steroids.

( 👆Photo Cred: Gunnfit )

#2. You’re “skinny fat”

Some women are slim with a high body fat percentage. We call this “skinny fat” in the fitness world. In simple terms, you don’t have a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio.

We often think of obesity as an obvious precursor to heart disease and cancer, but studies actually show that slender women with high body fat percentages are at almost as high a risk.

The good news? This is an easy fix! Usually too much cardio ( or no exercise at all ) coupled with poor nutritional habits is the culprit here.

Pick up some light weights or resistance bands, and get cracking on the whole foods nutrition, girl!
#3. Your workout doesn’t feel invigorating 

Does your workout excite you? Do you look forward to it each day?

And do you feel good after, or just drained?

Too much cardio may zap your energy reserves, especially if it’s not in alignment with your body type!

The right workout for you will be fun. It won’t drag on and on, but it will challenge you to grow on more level than one.

It will leave you refreshed, addicted and ready for more🌟🌟🌟

Would you be interested in learning more about Ayurvedic fitness? 😀💪

Developing you to break the chains of abuse

Have you ever noticed how heavily most people in our culture invest in their gadgets?

I’m talking about $900 dollar cell phones, $800 dollar per-month car payments, $5,000 dollar lap tops, name brand clothing, the list goes on.

But when confronted with investing in themselves, they can’t possibly afford to. 

Healthy food? “No, too expensive.”

Self development training? “Could be interesting, but I don’t have that kind of extra cash lying around!”

Meditation or exercise? “Too busy.

In a culture immersed in consumerism, the downside is our skewed rationalization of priorities. 

Our accessories are not just that anymore, but actual extensions of us. The value in developing one’s own personal self, body, mind and soul, is lost on us almost completely. 

In doing so we’ve come a long way in devaluing human life – that’s my take on it at least.

So if you’re a woman that truly wants to break the chains of abuse, meaning you want to grow you, your first step is simple: recognize and challenge the cultural dynamics that make you feel like less. 

Recognize that you are not your clothes. 

You are not your car. 

You are not how many friends you have.

You are not anything in this world that you could possibly buy, or find.

What makes you wonderful and valuable is already inside you – your wonderful human spirit. Your tenacity. Your divine feminine. Your limitless compassion…you are already complete.

I think of self-development not as the sharpening of a stone, but more as the whittling away of the false layers of Self I’ve constructed to fit into this world.

  • Where I started: self-development

To get you started, here’s a tip not everybody knows: you become an average of the five people you surround yourself with the most on a regular basis. 

Start here. Examine these people. No, I’m not asking you to judge them. But realistically evaluate them.
Are they: 




✔️holding themselves to a higher standard?

✔️enforcing their boundaries with others?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, for any of your five people, you need to know that this is likely not the healthiest relationship for you at the moment.
You might not like this part; I get it. But few people ever grasp the power of influence. 

I’m not implying that you need to cut anyone out of your life! This is literally stuff that only you can know. But I am saying you may need to create certain distances or protective measures.

Like a recovering alcoholic needs to not surround herself with drinkers, you need to take your healing just as seriously…if you are serious about healing to begin with.

If you knew that you unquestionably become your biggest influencers, would you change things at all?

Think on it – I’ll see you for the next segment.

Xoxo Ash