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Put organic to the test!

shutterstock_323673200Happy Monday, chick!
It’s a great day to decide to have a GREAT week! And it’s a great week to finally put ORGANIC to the test!
This week at the grocery store I want you to purchase 2 separate packs of raspberries: 1 conventional + 1 organic
And then for the fun part...the TASTE test!
  1. First eat an organic raspberry – if fully ripe, it will taste a little bit like HEAVEN!
  2. Next, eat a conventional raspberry. It may or may not taste slightly sour following the organic berry, and you may notice a less ‘brilliant’ flavor than was in the organic berry.
But ultimately I leave it to you – which pack of berries tastes more like the berries you picked in your grandmother’s raspberry patch as a girl?
* * *
And THAT is the value of organic! The slight flavor differences between organic and conventional food indicates the nutritional variances, organic being the more nutritious choice.
Of course it’s not always possible to purchase everything organic all the time; and some things, such as avocados and lemons, are simply fine when purchased conventionally!
So to help you out I’ll share the following list of foods that are most important to purchase organically. They are sprayed the heaviest with pesticides, or are commonly genetically modified. 
10 foods to always buy organic:
  • ApplesPoor apples are truly abused with pesticides! Be sure to purchase only organic apple sauce & apple juice as well!
  • GrapesGrapes, like apples, have no protective peel! Purchase only organic grape juice as well!
  • BerriesPretty much all berries should be purchased organic. Strawberries and blueberries in particular have been found to contain up to 50 pesticides! 
  • PapayaOne of the first and most widely genetically modified foods! 
  • CucumbersConventional cucumbers may contain up to 86 different chemicals on their skin! Scary!
  • CeleryConventional celery is so heavily sprayed you can literally taste only the chemical!
  • Bell peppersThese beautiful vegetables ( which are ripe when red btw ) can contain up to 50 different pesticides on them when grown conventionally!
  • LettuceLettuce ( actually all leafy greens ) is completely unprotected from pesticide sprays – finding organic is a non-negotioable! 
  • Zucchini Again, no protective peel! 
  • Coffee beansYep; most coffee beans are imported from countries that heavily spray! Look for the USDA organic label!
  • MeatMeat, as I addressed in my last post, is one of the most deadly foods to eat conventionally. Always choose organic!
  • Dairy – Loose the dairy until you can find a reputable organic farmer! Conventional dairy is causing mucous and inflammation in your body, and is full of dangerous pesticides and hormones!