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My 5 healthy fall secrets


I used to be like millions of Americans who dub this time of year “flu season”.

Do you feel helpless right now to avoid the nasty flu bugs and colds that will inevitably hit your family?

I remember when I used to feel the same way!

I thought that getting sick was just part and parcel of this time of year, and really all winter. Like there was nothing I  could do but cross my fingers and hope for luck – lots of it!

I’m here to tell you that you I don’t feel that way anymore! I do not wait around helplessly for the next virus to knock me off my feet and into bed for the next week! I am proactive about my health, and I’ll share with you 5 of my best secrets!

Your immune system is stronger than you know; and you have more power than you know to strengthen and support it! Staying in nutritional and emotional balance will allow your system to function at it’s best for you!

Below you’ll find my most honored personal methods for keeping myself and my family healthy this fall!


  1. Think whole, nutritious, colorful, preservative free!

Certain foods suppress your immune system, certain foods support it! For instance, white refined sugar shuts down healthy immune function for 2 whole weeks! Preservatives and food dyes in packaged goods create toxic overburden in the body, harming your ability to stay healthy and energized.

Stick to whole foods, and try to eat as many natural colors as possible! The different colors have different antioxidants that protect your body from illness – try to hit the whole spectrum throughout the week!

In addition to your whole foods practice, be absolutely sure to get your vitamin D3 supplement in!

     2. I always avoid the flu shot!

The flu shot contains 25 micrograms of mercury in the form of ethyl mercury, which is metabolized as methyl mercury in the human body, not to mention this amount is far above the EPA set safety limit! Mercury causes cell damage and harms the nervous system, digestive system, and immune system.

There is big money in peddling these vaccines for the makers, but NO studies to prove their efficacy or safety. They couldn’t pay me enough money to take a flu shot!


      3.  De-stress, un-busy yourself

I have made it a serious mission to un-busy myself this fall season. And I say un-busy in place of the usual “slow down”, because I really want you to take notice of this one.

We live in a culture right now obsessed with being busy. It’s almost glamorized to be frantically chasing life, juggling a thousand responsibilities, surviving on hits of caffeine and messy buns.

And well, messy buns can stay. But I promise you this is a recipe for running your body and spirit into the ground!

Your immune system is negatively affected by stress, so slow down!


     4. Ginger up! Oh, and garlic too…

I am currently obsessed with making ginger tea! I grate ginger into my tea pot full of water, and bring it to an *almost boil. Then I strain the “tea” water out and let cool! Add a little lemon or lime… So warming, so comforting, so healthy!

Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, and assists in immune function!

And I’m not going to recommend this, because it’s so dang extreme, but when I begin to feel a sore throat…I chew a tiny bit of raw garlic. SO GROSS! But it works every single time! Raw garlic has a chemical called allicin that ‘deactivates’ the virus that causes strep throat. When I learned this, ( and actually beat strep with it, but that’s another story ) I started using it for all my sore throats.

And it works like a charm – just my personal experience!


     5. Think positive thoughts!

What if I told you that optimists are healthier in general?

I don’t think I need to back this one up with pier reviewed studies, do I? 😉 I think it’s well-known that happy people are healthier!

It is my belief that our thoughts shape our lives, because they dictate our choices. What is going on with our bodies is often a manifestation of what is going on inside!

This fall season I am intentionally guiding my thoughts to positive places.


Ashley Lynn XOXO