Much more!

If you’ve tried a million diets only to gain more weight, I understand.

If you feel fatigued even before getting out of bed, I get it.

If you experience brain fog and confusion, or ADHD, I definitely get it!

If you have psoriasis or acne; if you or your child lives with allergies that didn’t exist 20 years ago, you’re not alone.

I’ve been there too. So have millions of other people around the world.

Have you ever wondered why it is that our world and the people in it are so chronically sick?

Of course you have. And you’ve thoroughly considered the many speculations tossed around out there.

Toxicity in our products, food, and air is a big one, and it’s true.

Yet our problem with health is a multifaceted one. While the food we’re eating and the physical toxicity and stress of our world is central to the conversation, so is a myriad of other components that are just as health-disrupting.

The family unit is breaking down, healthy communication skills seem to be deteriorating – across the board in all relationships. The daily to-do load on individuals – on both mothers and fathers, husbands and wives – is too much to take on.

And with so much of our cravings for real connection being fulfilled ( not successfully ) on social media, most of us feel more isolated and unfulfilled in our personal lives than ever.

We live in a fast-food, fast-everything world, in which we’re expected to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, so to speak.

Putting up this fake facade, pretending like we’re okay with the way things are – like we don’t secretly crave wholeness and REALationships – is exhausting work. We all want to feel good when our alarm goes off in the morning. We want to think clearly, to move freely. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we simply don’t believe we can do better. Sometimes it feels like achieving better balance, with food or with anything else, is just another thing to do that will inevitably fail.

Everything I just described is a wholistic problem ( meaning there are many parts to it ). So it’s virtually impossible to find a solution that isn’t also wholistic in its approach.

This is the value of partnering with a Wholistic Health Coach. A good Wholistic Health Coach won’t  just address diet, because he or she doesn’t simply want to address one piece of your health.

The goal of a Wholistic Health Coach is to support you in feeling better ALL around.

Locking arms for lasting changes

My passion as a certified coach is to stay up to date on the latest health information and healing modalities, and to provide professional support and guidance as you create a healthy lifestyle with fresh, nourishing foods that you actually love!

In an initial 30 minute consultation we will discuss your health history and together we’ll decide which direction you need to take for your health.

If working together will be beneficial for you, you’ll get to select your program and get started with your healing journey!

In your first 50 minute session we’ll evaluate where you are in comparison with where you’d like to be. Do you feel strong in physical exercise, but weak in time dedicated to your spirituality or relationship health? Or the other way around?

We’ll map out a plan to help you strengthen the areas in which you feel lacking. During each session you’ll receive guidance and tools such as books, DVD’s, and health related items to take home and implement into your monthly self-care routine.

The goal of working together is to make your life run a little more smoothly, joyfully, and to help you find a sense of peace and stability within your eating habits, workout style, self-value, and so much more.

I so look forward to meeting with you!

To schedule your initial 30 minute consultation email me at


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