The real reason you don’t eat healthy

Paint&Create-7.pngJust over a year ago I was done with “being healthy”. I was exhausted with putting what felt like so much extra effort into daily #momlife. Because here’s the thing: who likes spending hours on a puzzle they love only to discover several key pieces are missing at the end?

It was shortly after this that I quit online coaching and started studying nutrition, specifically wanting to understand the truth behind the science of it all.

As a certified health coach I studied nutritional theory – over 100 theories to be exact.

In health coaching school we were taught that everybody is biologically diverse; that a different diet works for everyone, and what matters most is finding “what works for you”.

But after some years ( of seeing some clients just not stick with a program or get results ) I started to wonder…why are there so many theories, and how can they each claim to be the only right one? Coaching was starting to feel like mediating between clashing religions.

Why should food be so confusing for humans? Why should we have to try 30+ diets to find the one that “works” individually? Was this even a scientifically sound approach? And why are we the only species left without a species specific diet?

I also started to wonder what it really meant when a diet ( lifestyle ) “worked”. Does that mean it helps an individual to lose weight?

Is a diet “working” defined as an immediate health outcome, regardless of future health outcomes?

For example, if a person adopts a popular dietary theory today and loses fifty plus pounds of fat in a year, but develops heart disease, diabetes, or bowel cancer later in life, does that still mean that the diet worked?

This really started to frustrate me. In all honesty I threw up my hands at one point, and I’ll never forget this: I actually said out loud to a friend, “I hate health!”

It felt so good to divorce the compulsory obsession I had created for deciding which theory “resonated” with me more in a given three-month period.

But hating health is akin to “hating God”. So just a piece of advice for if you ever get fed up like I did: your health – in whatever state it currently stands – is the only thing under God keeping you here. Don’t think that turning your back on this force is a viable option for escaping the diet cycle.

Instead, I encourage you to really opt out of the diet cycle. Because the diet cycle is the real reason you aren’t eating healthy. You’ve lost trust in yourself when you should have lost trust in it.

And it’s in part this 60 billion dollar a year industry that ultimately broke you into believing that eating healthy is impossible. How that is done will be covered in the part II to this post. In it we will talk more about industry influence, eating healthy with less thought, and losing weight without giving up the comfort of food.

This article will be full of references and ideas for you to skim over and share with your partner and family!

I really look forward to sharing these gold nuggets with you ( health is wealth after all ), and if you have come to a place in your journey where your hands are up in the air in defeat, or if you are trying to lose weight in time for T-shirt season, I hope this will be a blessing to you.

Because underneath the sea of conflicting information and utter confusion remains the tranquility of truth. You are free to be healthy; you are free to seek truth and to let your life be transformed by it.

Ash 💚

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