How obesity is acutally like a virus


An important message for readers!

Are you trying to lose wight, or do you have concerns around diabetes? Have a family member suffering with obesity or diabetes?

Have you suffered with disordered eating all your life, or perhaps even a full-blown eating disorder?

And here’s the important question: are you ready to change?

If you are, it might be worth your while to take a few moments to follow this link and go sign up for a new docu-series that I believe is going to be really good. It’s a 9 part series that portrays just how possible healing from type 2 diabetes and obesity is. I want you to get in on this with me while it’s totally free this week!

Based upon the doctors and specialists involved in the making of this series, I think this is going to be one of those resources that lift you UP, rather than hold you back.

And that’s really, really important. Just think about this for a moment: a 30 year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine proved that obesity is contagious. That wasn’t the first bit of scientific evidence to state the blatantly obvious, and it won’t be last. 

I digress.

Why is obesity “contagious like a virus”? Part of the puzzle is that lifestyle is inherited from family and impressed upon us through advertising from a very young age. But it’s also due to the fact that we’re social beings. We do not like to stand out, try as we might to be subtly unique, and we do not by nature enjoy being left behind.

Which means we have a tendency to pull ourselves back, or rein ourselves in, so as to not surpass the successes of our social groups for fear of being rejected, and likewise we have it in our nature to resist the changes or growth in those close to us, especially if we feel we aren’t growing within ourselves.

Think of it like this: 8,000 years ago when we were completely tribal people and dependant upon group effort for survival, exile or abandonment would have meant almost certain death.

That blueprint for life and survival is still hardwired into our brains. Think of a pivotal point in your youth, perhaps during middle school or high school, when fitting in meant everything. You probably ( if you’re and ex-wannabe like me ) can recall at least a handful of times when you felt out of step with your peers, or maybe like a total outcast or reject.

On an emotional level, that was a trauma that felt like life-or-death, regardless of whether or not that makes sense to the rational mind.

And as adults, while you and I understand on a very conscious level that being unique is important and that it’s okay to be different, on a subconscious level most of us still don’t feel completely comfortable fitting out. 


Why TF any of this matters

This might all sound a little deep for a talk about obesity, but it’s central to the problem we’re facing as individuals and as a society. To put it short and simple, you are a combo of the 5 people you hang around the most.

This means it’s absolutely essential that you surround yourself with people who believe in you and your ability to heal. If you don’t have an abundance of those people in your life right now ( and this is no shame to your current circle, because we’re talking about finding people with outrageously contagious belief and enthusiasm here ) that’s okay.

Because you’re also a combination of the books, television shows, and podcasts you consume. So if your friends make jokes about your plans or new foods and ideas, tune them out and surround yourself with people and ideas in books and on your digital screens that are positive and PRO-healing.

I’m serious. You don’t have to cut off relationships ( unless they reveal themselves to be glaringly toxic ) but you do have an obligation to prioritize your own integrity and self-respect. 

This is the real work of healing; it’s what makes up the gap between people who create short-term changes, and the few people who make changes that last a lifetime.

Making the sometimes difficult decision to change your daily habits and environmental factors – this is what most people will never do, plain and simple. 

So this is for you to evaluate honestly within yourself: are you ready to try a different way? Are you ready to be a standout? Are you ready to grow, regardless of how uncomfortable that is for someone else?

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching, which includes professional guidance, tools, and support, leave your information below. 

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