What media can’t say about shots

If you’ve garnered most of your knowledge about vaccines from the news, friends, in-laws, and your family doctor, the following digits might come as a shock to you.

So far in the year 2018 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ( NVICP ) has paid out a total of $82, 940, 437.42.

You did indeed read that correctly:

$82, 940, 437.42 in compensation paid out to the families of vaccine-injured children and adults.

And ( here’s the kicker ) that’s not money that the pharmaceutical companies had to shell out – no, no, no.

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act ( NCVIA ) signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, vaccine manufacturers are held blameless for any injuries or deaths their products may cause.

So who foots the bill for this? You and I. That is money from a federally operated trust fund that you and I directly paid into via a 75 cent excise tax on each vaccine our child received.

In other words, vaccine injury is so endemic to our society that it’s actively anticipated and tracked by our governing healthcare entities, while at the very same time being denied or ignored altogether among the collective of media outlets aiming to shape our social narratives and belief systems.

If you believe that our yearly evolving vaccine program has been proven to be safe and effective, and that resulting injuries and deaths are rare and will never touch you personally, that’s because almost none of the actual disease stats or industry problems are highlighted in the mainstream media ( shout out to Tucker Carlson for going against the status quo and doing this interview ) .

Why? Probably because the pharmaceutical industry as a whole ( whose reign basically goes unchecked ) is the massive sponsor? Possibly because vaccine production alone constitutes a multi billion dollar industry? Follow the💸 and you’ll see…

Yeah, but I’ll listen to a doctor over ‘just a mom’ any day

You might also be surprised to learn just how much doctors do and don’t learn about vaccinations in medical school. 

Truth is, too often it’s doctors ( not all, but many ) who are the first to write parents off as “dumb”, simply for having valid questions or concerns. For a physician to behave in this way is wildly inappropriate, inacurate, and further proof that even doctors often do not entirely understand the concerns or risks involved with routine vaccination.

I think it’s important to highlight this behavior and dismissive attitude that is so rampant among the medical community for a couple reasons, and neither of which is to be divisive.

First off, when left in the dark this kind of paternalistic treatment of patients can only fester and continue. As it stands now, parents report feeling the most pressured, threatened, or even fearful to make an immediate vaccine choice within medical settings, when in reality nobody should be forced to make a medical decision such as this under any degree of duress.

The other point I have is more of a genuine question: if doctors aren’t fully educated about vaccines – their ingredients, how they interact with the immune system, and potential side effects – how do we keep accurate records of vaccine injury? If the majority of doctors are not even taught how to identify and report vaccine injury, and that 82, 940, 437 bucks is only a tiny fraction of what potentially could have been paid out, are we really getting the full story on vaccine safety? 

The truth would bankrupt the industry on the spot, hence the need for the 1986 NCVIA to begin with. Yet nothing is stopping you and I from being knowledgeable advocates for our families.

I encourage you to come to your own conclusion. Be informed. Know your right to informed consent. Know your rights to say no until you feel solid in your choice. I don’t know one single parent who has regretting doing so, and yet I know hundreds who regret consenting to vaccination without all the information. 

Don’t think for a second that you need to passively go with the flow, or that you should let the so-called experts do all the critical thinking for you! There is so much research and information to pour over before you can even know what your opinion truly is here. See just a few examples listed below.

If you are a parent facing this topic for the first time – or maybe again for the umpteenth time – remember this: your child was entrusted to you by God for such a time and a place as this.

Don’t forget to check out the video and sources below if you havent already, and feel free to message me with questions. 

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