Why you should rethink the Fitbit

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Once upon a time it was common practice to use shoe store X-ray machines. We just didn’t understand the dangers of common exposure to radiation back then.

Similarly with smart devices📲💻 and Wi-Fi today, the population hasn’t yet been given the full story about how these massive amounts of radiation are affecting our health outcomes.

EMF radiation being something we can’t see, it’s almost difficult to conceptualize it as a possible health hazard. So for a really crazy visual of what’s actually happening around us, check out Luis Hernan’s photographs.

And I know what you’re thinking: don’t deliver bad news without a solution, right? Well I 100% agree.

So while we can’t avoid all radiation today, we can certainly protect ourselves. For starters:

  • only put your phone to your ear when absolutely necessary ( opt for speaker phone ), avoid wireless headphones, and do not wear it on your body.
  • Look into EMF protection. Safespaceprotection.com is one resource for products and educational information.
  • consider ditching the digital Fitbit and smartwatch: both are truly counterproductive to your health. Not only are you strapping EMF radiation directly to your body which disrupts your energy meridians and nervous system ( if you absolutely need more anxiety in your life, this is a good thing ) but heavy metal exposure is associated with Fitbit use as well.

It’s not well-known that heavy metals can be absorbed through contact with the skin, however they can and are. Your skin maintains a fairly acidic Ph of 4 – 5.5, and this creates an environment in which you can actually leech metals from a direct-contact device such as the Fitbit. This seems to be the case in the 2014 recall, wherein an estimated 9,900 were injured ( blistered or irritated ) by the Fitbit Force.

As with all health decisions, this comes down to personal choice. However it’s worth taking a closer look and doing a little research here. With a thorough investigation you might just find that a Fitbit – or other smart device – is more counterproductive to your health than it is beneficial. For instance, if additional EMF exposure resulting from your Fitbit lowers your energy and increases your anxiety, will your sleep be negatively affected? Will you stress eat more?

Two important considerations, since they both directly affect your quality of life and weight, and non-coincidentally most people use a Fitbit specifically to improve both.

Below I’ve listed a handful of solid, unbiased research articles on EMF exposure to get started with.

As always, I don’t advocate that you do or you don’t; rather that you have all the information needed to make the right choice for your health! After all, who cares what’s popular on the market right now; you and your family’s health and saftely must come first.

Peace, happiness, and health,


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