Why you absolutely need apples to focus and be funny

Why eating apples is essential

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right?

Yes, and an apple a day keeps low test scores away, too!

If you are someone who regularly has trouble focusing or remembering critical information under pressure ( poor test-taker? ), red apples should be your new best friend!

Apples contain a very important antioxidant called quercetin, ever heard of it? And apples aren’t the only ones: blueberries, blackberries, onions, tomatoes, dark leafy greens, and capers are high in this special flavonoid too.

And while you may have heard that quercetin is a powerful protector against free-radical damage and aging ( totally true ), I bet you didn’t hear that quercetin is actually  incredibly important for your brain’s ability to focus and recall information quickly!

Seriously, has your comeback game been lacking lately? Quercetin is your answer. Get a couple big servings of blue and black berries in a morning smoothie, maybe some tomatoes in your next salad, and eat a couple beautiful, delicious red apples a day. 

I promise you you’ll be able to think quicker on your feet in almost no time. Give it a couple of days ( maybe a week if you’re really lacking in your fresh food game ) and watch how sharp you’ll begin to feel.

The caveat here is that these foods need to be organic, not only because your body will be burdened with highly toxic and acidifying pesticide residues with conventional produce –  which will not help your memory game at all ( think of this like not wanting to give your body too much damage-control to handle all at once ) – but also because conventional fruits are significantly lower in antioxidants and essential nutrients like quercetin and Vitamin C, as well as being higher in the dangerous heavy metal cadmium ( Cd ).

Going organic with your apples, berries, and tomatoes, which are all on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of conventional foods to avoid, will save you money ( you’ll need to eat and shop less ) and give you a chance to finally experience what fruits and vegetables can really do for your thought processes!

I don’t make health promises often, but on this one, I absolutely promise you: get your quercetin in, and get back to feeling like the smart, funny, quick-witted human that you truly are. Free2BHealthy (color1) (1)


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