Gingerade natural cold remedy

Since I’m seeing a lot of people miserable with colds and coughs right now, it’s seems a great time to share my favorite secret recipe for cold relief.

Well, I’ve actually shared the recipe before, so it’s no secret. But if you’ve yet to try it for yourself, the awesome feeling and taste of this juice are still out of your hands!

And while green juices – and leafy greens in general – are fantastic for respiratory health, sometimes you just don’t feel like a green juice when you’re sick.

Sometimes you really want something sweet, am I right? And preferably that something sweet won’t set you back a few days in your recovery.

Because that’s the issue with a lot of cold lozenges and remedies, even the ones of the natural persuasion. They tend to contain refined sugars ( usually under the name of organic evaporated Caine juice ) which heavily suppresses your immune system.

Enter Carrot Juice: carrot juice is a fantastic rescue for congestion and lung distress. Yes, it’s high in sugar, however don’t buy into the assumption that all sugar is created equal. It’s not! In fact your body runs on glucose, but that’s another story. And you can always make it less sweet by adding fewer carrots or oranges if you like.

Professor Richard Baybutt discovered that vitamin A reduced lung inflammation while studying emphysema. Eating a diet rich in foods containing beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, can help maintain lung health.

Combine the healing power of carrots with celery and ginger juice, and you’ve got a powerful tonic to bring your body back into an alkaline state wherein your immune system can really get to work.

This drink is best in the morning or afternoon. It’s going to allow your cells to create energy and your stomach to digest all your food better throughout the day.

I hope you enjoy!

Ashley 💚

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