What every parent should know: Special Masters and NCVIA

image1 (35).JPGI was just listening to the Center for Disease Control’s ( CDC’s ) live stream council meeting the other day, as they, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ( ACIP ), and their guest speakers, attempted to decide on the recommended vaccination schedule for 2018. Which vaccines to try on pregnant women ( there’s almost no safety testing there, of course, and what little has been done is surprising ) and which to add to the already lengthy Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule.

What most parents don’t know is that a brand new schedule is created and issued in this way every year. So, in order for your child to be considered “up to date” on his or her immunizations, their records would need to be compliant with the current year’s schedule.

This also got me thinking that I’d like to share a bit of history with you that is very relevant to this whole topic.

Get a load of that picture above showing the difference in schedules from 1986 up until now ( 2017 ). WOW is a natural reaction.

Your second reaction might be to ask, “What changed?”.

Here’s the history: In 1986 President Ronald Reagan – under threat and pressure from vaccine manufacturers who were, at the time, drowning in injury lawsuits and debt – signed into law the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act ( NCVIA ). This act eliminated all financial liability of the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccines, stripping parents of their rights to sue for compensation in the tragic event of a vaccine-related death or injury of a child.   

Under the new law, vaccine manufacturers had more wiggle room to begin the fast-tracking process ( lacking proper study ) of new vaccine products, and the schedule exploded in the following years, not surprisingly in correlation with a rise in autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, allergies, obesity, and other childhood illnesses. 

Under the NCVIA was born the Nation Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ( VICP ). This is a “no-fault” system under which parents must now appeal a special vaccine court, or court of 12 appointed Special Masters ( how creepy and Orwellian does that sound? ) in order to receive any compensation. This process takes years to go through, and parents describe it as an absolutely awful experience wherein they are treated like criminals.

In my work prior to becoming a Certified Vaccine Education Specialist I studied the law, as well as this court process.

Cases are easily tossed out and claims dismissed if they do not meet very specific timelines and guidelines. And twenty-five thousand dollars is the maximum amount a parent can receive in compensation for the vaccine-related death of a child.

Even so, thus far over 3.3 Billion dollars have been paid out to the families who have managed to prove their cases in vaccine court.

And as it happens YOU pay into the vaccine injury compensation fund with a 75 cent tax on every vaccine your child receives.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with the following questions to ask yourself, or for you to ask your doctor:

  • If vaccine injury is rare, why did the NCVIA need to be created?
  • If vaccine injury is almost a non-issue, why do I pay a 75 cent tax per shot into a fund that directly cushions manufacturers from financial loss due to injury claims?
  • With this knowledge, isn’t it time we come together and stand up for more stringent regulations and proper vaccine safety testing, rather than the safety of pharmaceutical companies?
  • Where is the incentive for vaccine manufacterurs to enure the safety of their product?

What do you think?

Don’t forget to read throguh sources and articles at the bottom of this page 🙂

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