Birdbox movie – what you don’t know might haunt you

Caved and watched Birdbox.

I normally stay away from the big hyped Hollywood productions ( with the exception of Outlander, because, hello😍 ) due to the fact that it’s all just programming to keep people stuck in their self-sabotaging cycles.

I feel prompted to share the following while Birdbox is fresh in everybody’s mind: people mimic what they see on TV, in some form or manifestation, no exceptions. The primary mode of learned behavior for humans is mimicry, and this doesn’t end when we become adults.

Thus the sayin you are who you spend time with, the books you read, annnd….the movies and TV you consume.

Social engineers know this well, and use specific programming to shape the social narrative and the current “normal”, and to encourage desired behavior outcomes in the general public. There’s a reason it’s called television programming. That’s not a coincidence.

To understand this, you have to note that that while the conscious mind can catalog about 300 items at a time ( maybe less, maybe more ) the subconscious mind catalogs far more information in an instant than you can consciously conceive.

So every pattern of behavior and subliminal message is cataloged by your mind either subconsciously or consciously and you act that out, either in your interactions, behaviors, or sabotaging cycles with yourself.

If you haven’t heard of this before, research what was previously known as ‘The Cosby Effect’. In the 80’s after the Cosby Show first aired, African American enrollment in medical and law schools spiked almost 25%.

And in Canada after Gone in 60 Seconds ( a film about car theft ) released in theaters, car theft went up 60% in the first week according to Self Sabotage Coach Jason Christoff.

The same programming of the human mind by social engineers has been used to normalize divorce, and a myriad of other occurrences now seen as commonplace. That’s not to place a specific judgement on divorce, but rather to call attention to the strong correlation between rising divorce rates and media influence.

Programming can be used for positive or negative influence, and this is how mantras, VISUALIZATION💯, and affirmations work.

It’s imperative that we be at least vaguely aware of how our own minds work and can be hijacked programmed so easily, without our conscious knowledge or even our express consent.

Blind to true media influence, it’s almost impossible to determine your own actions, choose your own beliefs, and set your own course for emotional and physical health.

It’s important that we begin to explore how our behaviors and ‘one step forward, two steps back’ self-sabotaging routines may be directly influenced by the materials we consume, especially visually.

With that in mind, there’s a lot to unpack with Birdbox. I don’t see the need to do that all here ( there are many who can give you the Illuminati movie review breakdown ), except to draw attention to the fact that it will effectively program your subconscious and nervous system for fear ( which sets your health crashing downhill on all fronts ) and self sabotage. So all I’m saying is this: watch with new awareness.

In general if you can see familiar story patterns playing out at all within your own life; if you experience periods of time where you treat yourself badly with food or drink or hurtful life choices ( playing the role of villain ) contrasted next to times where you show up to be accountable for your life and make positive changes ( taking on the hero/heroine role ), only to play out the same cycle all over again, it may be time to examine the influence your favorite cinematic adventures are having over your subconscious and conscious mind.

As always, you are free to be healthy…but it might take an open mind, and the willingness to unlearn a few things along the way.

Hugs and health,


Suicide exposure in films

Christian perspective on darkness in cinema

List of resources below compiled courtesy of Self Sabotage Coach Jason Christoff :

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Grace Powers – The Ring of Power – https://bit.ly/2yrFX2W


CBD vs Proton Pump Inhibitors and Statin Drugs

What you are about to read is not to be construed as medical advice. Take anything you read here and consult your doctor or practitioner before making changes to your current prescription medication routine.

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist student.

Recently during an assignment I was asked to familiarize myself with the epidemic of proton pump inhibitor ( PPI ) use and statin drugs.

Specifically to learn to recognize the side effects; soon I’ll learn how to help my clients no longer need their drugs at all. An honor I Greatly look forward to.

Anyways, I thought I’d share my lesson summary here with you because it’s such a valuable comparison.

How do PPI’s and statins stack up against real healing, and more specifically in this post, hemp-derived Cannabidiol ( CBD )?


According to my google search, the top 5 most common side effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors ( PPI’s ), including Nexium, are as follows:


Abdominal Pain




Yikes. And that’s not all. These are the current medically-touted solutions to issues with acid production? Good thing gut damage and mitochondrial dysfunction isn’t the only route available…let’s continue.

According to a secondary search, I found that in the year 2017 the total spent on PPIs was $9.5 Billion, and in 2012 Nexium alone brought in a total of $6 Billion. Wowza. Scary numbers right there.

In addition, according to my research the top 5 most common side effects of Statin Drugs are as follows:

Muscle pain and damage

Liver damage

Increased blood sugar levels ( insulin resistance, or, pre-diabetes )

Type 2 diabetes

Neurological side effects

And according to Mercola, about $29 Billion is spent globally on Satan I mean statin drugs very year, and in 2010 here in the U.S. we made up almost $19 Billion of that all on our own.


This country is in dire need of an army of compassionate and informed holistic healers. Hold onto your hats, World, because here we come.

– Ashley Gregoire

Indeed, a tribe of healers is being raised up. Out of pure necessity. We come armed with compassion, truth, and CBD oil to boot.

What’s that, you ask?
Can hemp-derived CBD oil help combat acid reflux and high cholesterol?

Absolutely, according to my ongoing research.

The CBD industry may threaten to cut right through statin drug profits…but with no side effects, wouldn’t you take that trade off any day?

I know I would. I have. Look out Harma I mean Pharma; we’re coming back to nature for our solutions now. You are no longer the sole provider.

Certain drugs are beneficial or necessary for some individuals at some times; but certainly not all. And certainly not most of the time for most people, as it is within the healthcare model today.

As always I’ll end by saying this: you are free to be healthy. You may need to invest in unlearning some things along the way.

If you can shed the fear-based conditioning that says drugs will make you healthy, and anything else is quackery, you’ll be well on your way my friend.

Hugs, health, and a sense of empowerment,


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Netflix & Chill: When you can’t want to stop

You’re trying to stop eating, aren’t you?

You’ve got this contradiction going on because you want to stop eating and spending your valuable time in front of the TV. Because you feel ashamed of yourself! God forbid anyone ever know you like this.

But mostly…you don’t want to stop. I mean you want to want to stop, but you just can’t make it over the hump.

Am I right or am I right?

First of all, give yourself a break sister ( or brother 😉 ).

It’s probably something to do with anxiety and fatigue. This stuff is rooted in the the biochemical processes of your body, so we can do a lot to start supporting you there.

But let’s also look at the thought processes at work here.

Starting with the reason why most of us don’t ever make the change. In the words of Lisa Nichols:

Most of us are too attached to who we’ve been to go after who we want to become.

We’re too attached to our Netflix accounts, our evening food binges, and even the catatonic state we’re left in after it’s all said and done. I mean come on – it’s the only fun we have some days!

Or at least that’s me. Three kids to raise well and taxi around, household to keep, two dogs to care for me.

Insert your personal addiction escape here:___________.

When I used to contemplate quitting my food addiction, I believed with all my mind that I never could.

But that’s crazy because I’m actually pretty smart and strong, and physically capable of not stumbling into the kitchen and subsequently making a heaping plate of nachos to take to bed.

So when I really got to thinking about it – praying and meditating about it – I realized the actual question my heart had been carrying:

“Without all the food what’s sweet about life? Where’s the joy? What’s the point?”

Wow. A revelation.

I really couldn’t answer those questions, but I knew that if I didn’t find joy in my current circumstances I wanted to create it.

I knew I didn’t want to live for food anymore.

So we’re attached to the comfort of our addictions. The momentary shelter they provide us from a wearied life. And it’s a hard sell to ask your pleasure-seeking brain to give that up.

We’re also attached to our identity.

Tony Robbins says that we will do anything to make sure our actions align with our identity – functional or not – because identity means more to us than just about anything.

Because the constancy and stability of knowing who we are makes us feel safe, and certain.

When identity is questioned, everything becomes unhinged and that scares the hell out of us.

Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me you’re not as deathly afraid of the unknown as every other human out there😂

And yes, this can apply to your addictions too! Even the ones you talk about wanting to break.

If your identity is wrapped up in being ‘lazy’ or ‘fat’ or ‘the kind of person who doesn’t care about health stuff’ there’s a good chance you’ve stacked the odds for change against yourself.

I truly believe that on a subconscious level, you may be sabotaging yourself because you don’t believe you are the type of person who can or should ever be different.

That’s true to an extent. Be who you are! In all amazing creation.

But ask yourself, when it comes to food addiction, are you selling yourself short? Are to holding on to an old identity so tightly that you can’t grasp a new and healthier one?


Is abuse taken seriously?

Before young girls ever begin to date, they need to know exactly what red flags for emotional abuse look like. Without proper education on healthy communication and boundaries, NOBODY knows what a red flag even is.

Speaking on Shannan Watts…

My heart is heavy. I would bet my life there were red flags. Perhaps at one point Shannan was encouraged to “save the marriage”.

Perhaps Shannan tried to be a “better wife”. Perhaps she felt afraid of him more than once. Perhaps he called her a bitch. Perhaps she believed him. Perhaps she felt afraid of what would happen if she left. Perhaps she felt she was protecting her girls. Perhaps she was.

Perhaps he had an undiagnosed personality disorder with tendencies toward violent outbursts.

Or perhaps this really was a one time thing because he was on Psychotropic drugs.

All we can do is say, “Perhaps”.

All of us who have been in abusive situations apply our own experiences here.

All those who haven’t, apply theWhy didn’t she leave” and “why did she make social media look perfect” questions.

It’s obvious to anyone who’s scrolled her open timeline that Shannan had a big heart and was extremely intelligent. She loved life and helping people. She and her daughters deserved a fulfilled life. Their community deserved their light.

It’s also obvious Shannan had real shit going on and no instruction manual on how best to deal with it.

I hope that as a society we start taking all forms of abuse more seriously. I hope we start to examine more closely how we engage in conversation about “difficult” marriages that cross the line into damaging.

And I hope we start to educate ourselves about the red flags for abuse, and learn to recognize it within our communities.

How many women are experiencing emotional, verbal, psychological forms of abuse right now and they themselves may not even know?

How many women out there are still unaware that they’ve been gaslighted by their significant other?

And how many women have become aware, but still don’t know what to do about it? How many so-called “friends” have not believed them? How many have come up against a brick wall trying to find resources for real help?

How many have heard from their Christian counselor, “But he’s not hitting you, right?”

This is a real issue pervading our culture today.

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in an intimate relationship during their lifetime.

And emotional and physical abuse has been coined the silent epidemic within the church.

What can we do?

It starts with education.

If you’re not aware of what the term “gaslight” refers to, or if you’re not sure what constitutes abuse that is not purely physical, that’s part of the problem and I suggest you start reading. For your safety and for the safety of those in your spheres of influence!

Emotional abuse is not always followed by physical abuse, but physical abuse is always preceded by emotional abuse, according to Marian Arend, a counselor specializing in controlling relationships.

It is extremely important that this awareness become part of our education so that we can pass it down to our daughters and sons.

Before young girls ever begin to date, they need to know exactly what red flags for emotional abuse look like. Without proper education on healthy communication and boundaries, NOBODY knows what a red flag even is.

Which is why so many people can now say of situations like this, “We never saw this coming; we never even saw the signs.”

Emotionally Destructive Christian Marriage Seminar

Are you in an abusive relationship?




Are you breathing right?

“Great, another thing to think about? Now I have to worry about whether or not I’m breathing right?”

No! Haha, I know how you feel. But this is not about worry.

In fact, it’s hard to worry when you’re breathing right…

And let’s talk about that. Breathing right, I mean.

If your breath is the rhythm of your spirit, and your spirit is the energetic force in and around your body ( think of a force field or “the Force”, Star Wars fans ), then what beat are you dancing to?

Are you living your life to the rythm of Nine Inch Nails ( my friends loved this in high school, for some reason unbeknownst to me lol )?

Or are you living to Mozart?


Don’t take my music references too literally. The point is that the quality of your rhythm of breath matters; it can change your brain chemistry, just like the Mozart Effect. 

Breathing is also a main form of detoxification. When you practice diaphragmatic breathing – meaning belly breathing, rather than chest breathing – you oxygenate your body and accelerate the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and you speed up your enzymatic processes of digestion, immune function, and cell regeneration.

It’s no coincidence that children belly breath without thinking about it, and belly breathing is associated with anti-aging. It’s only when we experience trauma or when we become adults who are stressed under the weight of societal pressures and burdensome thoughts that we begin the unsustainable practice of chest breathing.

The good news is that you can retrain your body to breathe correctly!

Note that if you are a survivor of sexual assault you may need to seek therapy, EFT, or another form of energy or trauma release prior to beginning a new deep breathing or meditation practice. 

  1. To begin I recommend you find your sacred space. As I’ve said before, your sacred space can be a stolen moment in your closet while your kids play, or it can be on the beach – really anywhere. As long as the space is yours energetically, and you take care of it.

A messy closet with clothes haphazardly strewn about will not do, at least not in the long run. If you’re not taking care and consideration to create a space that is not free for the kids to run through, that is a good place to start.

Remember: your surroundings are a reflection of your mind. That’s okay if your mind is messy right now; we’ve all been there.

But you’re taking time to read this far, which means you’re ready on some level to UPlevel your life. Simplify. Detox.


  • Start with a small space or cover in or near your home where you can go to breathe.
  • And when you have that space, dedicate a few minutes each morning to practicing your breath there. Observe it, don’t force it.
  • Place your hand on your belly and feel it move in and out. This gentle movement means you are consciously bringing your body into parasympathetic mode; in other words you are entering the nervous system mode of rest and repair. That’s what we want.

This is what will facilitate the detoxification and regeneration of you digestion, and your skin. You’ll look younger after a month of breathing, or so say the health experts of the world. In addition to personal testimonies and hundreds of years of scientific backing from Ayurvedic tradition, modern science recognizes that advanced glycation end-product ( AGE )  build up is reduced with a yogic lifestyle, the foundation of which is what?


That’s right; AGEs are one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and premature aging.

I can tell you that breathing correctly helped my skin and anxiety to heal. 

So don’t get to particular about your breathing practice; don’t bring the need to be perfect at everything into this…this is entirely other. Just bring you, and get ready to connect with your inner child.

News flash: your inner child isn’t perfect; she tries new things and she leads with her heart.

Love ya,





5 steps to changing your emotional state

Where do you live?

We all have a couple emotional states that we call “home”. Meaning, we fall back into these emotional states most often. Sometimes, we even subconsciously try to come back to these emotional states because it’s what’s become comfortable…healthy or not.

Tony Robbins relayed it best when he said that as humans, what we crave most of all is comfort; to remain constant in who we are, regardless of how we actually feel about that state of being.

Because change is scary and unknown.

It’s important for us to be conscious of the fact that animosity, resentment, envy, insecurity, and lack are all tempting “homes” ( seriously, they are addicting ). But living there eats away at our heart and soul from the inside out. It erodes our spirit, the very foundation of our health and feeling of wellness.

And here’s the deal: if you’re one of the few people brave enough to honestly look at yourself and evaluate your emotional “home”, that means you can do something about it! While financially you may not have the means to pick up right now and move to anywhere in the world of your choosing, you absolutely can choose anywhere you’d like to live emotionally.

Anywhere. And that’s pretty darn exciting to consider.

Five ways to MOVE out of your old mindset and into the new👇:

#1. Change the way you see everybody around you. Everybody. When we change the way we look at things, the things – and people – we look at tend to change somehow.

Everybody we encounter is dealing with something. Something hurtful, something crappy, and sometimes something devastating.

This idea might sound too simple, too plain to totally change your life and overall health.

But thought is the most powerful tool at your disposal.

And this – compassion – is truth.

No one deserves your animosity and nothing is worth crushing your own spirit.

#2. A daily practice of grateful meditation.

#3. Get up early and have an hour of power. This is often called personal development in NM companies, and it’s a habit of virtually all highly successful people.

#4. visualization. I’m a big fan of vision boards, and practicing visualization during meditation and exercise.

#5. Nutrition and exercise. Focus on alkaline nutrition, plenty of water ( not soda ), and aim to exercise 3 – 5 days per week.

Where do you live?

Leave your info below to schedule your free health consultation with me. 



What media can’t say about shots

If you’ve garnered most of your knowledge about vaccines from the news, friends, in-laws, and your family doctor, the following digits might come as a shock to you.

So far in the year 2018 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ( NVICP ) has paid out a total of $82, 940, 437.42.

You did indeed read that correctly:

$82, 940, 437.42 in compensation paid out to the families of vaccine-injured children and adults.

And ( here’s the kicker ) that’s not money that the pharmaceutical companies had to shell out – no, no, no.

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act ( NCVIA ) signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, vaccine manufacturers are held blameless for any injuries or deaths their products may cause.

So who foots the bill for this? You and I. That is money from a federally operated trust fund that you and I directly paid into via a 75 cent excise tax on each vaccine our child received.

In other words, vaccine injury is so endemic to our society that it’s actively anticipated and tracked by our governing healthcare entities, while at the very same time being denied or ignored altogether among the collective of media outlets aiming to shape our social narratives and belief systems.

If you believe that our yearly evolving vaccine program has been proven to be safe and effective, and that resulting injuries and deaths are rare and will never touch you personally, that’s because almost none of the actual disease stats or industry problems are highlighted in the mainstream media ( shout out to Tucker Carlson for going against the status quo and doing this interview ) .

Why? Probably because the pharmaceutical industry as a whole ( whose reign basically goes unchecked ) is the massive sponsor? Possibly because vaccine production alone constitutes a multi billion dollar industry? Follow the💸 and you’ll see…

Yeah, but I’ll listen to a doctor over ‘just a mom’ any day

You might also be surprised to learn just how much doctors do and don’t learn about vaccinations in medical school. 

Truth is, too often it’s doctors ( not all, but many ) who are the first to write parents off as “dumb”, simply for having valid questions or concerns. For a physician to behave in this way is wildly inappropriate, inacurate, and further proof that even doctors often do not entirely understand the concerns or risks involved with routine vaccination.

I think it’s important to highlight this behavior and dismissive attitude that is so rampant among the medical community for a couple reasons, and neither of which is to be divisive.

First off, when left in the dark this kind of paternalistic treatment of patients can only fester and continue. As it stands now, parents report feeling the most pressured, threatened, or even fearful to make an immediate vaccine choice within medical settings, when in reality nobody should be forced to make a medical decision such as this under any degree of duress.

The other point I have is more of a genuine question: if doctors aren’t fully educated about vaccines – their ingredients, how they interact with the immune system, and potential side effects – how do we keep accurate records of vaccine injury? If the majority of doctors are not even taught how to identify and report vaccine injury, and that 82, 940, 437 bucks is only a tiny fraction of what potentially could have been paid out, are we really getting the full story on vaccine safety? 

The truth would bankrupt the industry on the spot, hence the need for the 1986 NCVIA to begin with. Yet nothing is stopping you and I from being knowledgeable advocates for our families.

I encourage you to come to your own conclusion. Be informed. Know your right to informed consent. Know your rights to say no until you feel solid in your choice. I don’t know one single parent who has regretting doing so, and yet I know hundreds who regret consenting to vaccination without all the information. 

Don’t think for a second that you need to passively go with the flow, or that you should let the so-called experts do all the critical thinking for you! There is so much research and information to pour over before you can even know what your opinion truly is here. See just a few examples listed below.

If you are a parent facing this topic for the first time – or maybe again for the umpteenth time – remember this: your child was entrusted to you by God for such a time and a place as this.

Don’t forget to check out the video and sources below if you havent already, and feel free to message me with questions. 

Former Merk/Vioxx rep speaks out

Science dad stumps pediatrition on vaccines

The truth about Vaccines Episode 1

Miller’s review of critical vaccine studies

What About Immunizations, Cynthia Cournoyer

Dissolving Illusions, Suzanne Humphries


Take the challenge, yell at your kids less

Woman+meditating+and+practicing+yoga+watching+the+sun.jpgWhy would I ever meditate?

If this is your initial thought, I get it.

Years ago my first mentor in holistic wellness told me I should be meditating at least ten minutes a day. At the time my children were only one and two years old, so while I gave her an emphatic “yes I absolutely will do that,” what I actually thought was, “why, and how?“.

Today I highly value my meditation time. I even get up early to do it, which is really saying something. But what can I say? Meditation ( and prayer, and a lot of other things ) took me from being a yelling mom to a mostly calm, much more self-aware and happy type of mom.

What it is

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind to help the body switch from the sympathetic ( fight or flight ) nervous system mode, to the healing state of the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and repair ). While most Americans today spend about 95% of their life with the sympathetic system engaged, we would optimally be living the exact opposite: spending 95% of our time in the parasympathetic mode and only 5% in fight or flight.

Meditation is the tool that will train your brain to remain calm and to take life slower and more mindfully, which is an excellent state to practice especially for those with ADHD. And if you want an overview of scientific literature to corroborate that claim, here you go.


Why it matters that you’re stressed

Here’s what no one taught us in school about stress: stress is stress is stress.

Meaning the body perceives all stressors in pretty much the same way. Packaged and processed foods pose a stress to the body, because it has to work much harder than is normal on digestion and damage control ( more on that later ). And in almost the same way, emotional stress or trauma poses a stress to your biochemistry and physiology, leading to acidity and – over longer periods of time – results in oxidative damage to your cells.

As human beings we obviously cannot avoid every form of stress that comes our way. You are going to run late for a meeting, you are going to lose your keys, you are going to feel overwhelmed by your kid’s schedule, and at least once a week you’re gonna feel angry with your spouse ( or we probably can’t be friends ).

You are going to eat foods that aren’t all that great for you here and there; the good news is that no one expects you to be perfect! Enter meditation…

Refer back to the definition of meditation I gave you a few paragraphs ago. Meditation is the tool. That’s it. It’s a tool that will not only help your nervous system switch into rest and repair ( which is essential to not going grey by thirty ), but it’s also the tool that will help you to develop clearer awareness about yourself, more patience for yourself, and as a result more patience for your kids and family.

How to do it right

Try meditating for 3-5 minutes a day this week. And by the way, meditation doesn’t have to look like anything fancy. Gently close your eyes, or keep them open. Sit quietly with your thoughts, observe your thoughts, and observe the thoughts you have about your thoughts.

Withhold judgement; and acknowledge judgment that comes to pass anyways. Meditation is somewhat about discipline, and mostly about being, and allowing yourself to simply be. It’s about listening to your inner voice without distraction. It’s about finding time to feel your breath in a culture that has forgotten breath feels like anything at all.

And if you take this assignment seriously, I can promise you one thing: you will learn something about yourself this week. Perhaps you’ll know your children or your spouse on a clearer level. Perhaps your spiritual fire will be reignited.

And perhaps you will finally feel simply content.

Will you be taking the meditation challenge this week? Tag or share with a friend who will join in on the peace with you. Holding yourself accountable is half the journey.

Drop your information below to get your first health consultation as a gift from me!

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Why you should rethink the Fitbit

( Video property of ‘Generation Zapped’ )

Once upon a time it was common practice to use shoe store X-ray machines. We just didn’t understand the dangers of common exposure to radiation back then.

Similarly with smart devices📲💻 and Wi-Fi today, the population hasn’t yet been given the full story about how these massive amounts of radiation are affecting our health outcomes.

EMF radiation being something we can’t see, it’s almost difficult to conceptualize it as a possible health hazard. So for a really crazy visual of what’s actually happening around us, check out Luis Hernan’s photographs.

And I know what you’re thinking: don’t deliver bad news without a solution, right? Well I 100% agree.

So while we can’t avoid all radiation today, we can certainly protect ourselves. For starters:

  • only put your phone to your ear when absolutely necessary ( opt for speaker phone ), avoid wireless headphones, and do not wear it on your body.
  • Look into EMF protection. Safespaceprotection.com is one resource for products and educational information.
  • consider ditching the digital Fitbit and smartwatch: both are truly counterproductive to your health. Not only are you strapping EMF radiation directly to your body which disrupts your energy meridians and nervous system ( if you absolutely need more anxiety in your life, this is a good thing ) but heavy metal exposure is associated with Fitbit use as well.

It’s not well-known that heavy metals can be absorbed through contact with the skin, however they can and are. Your skin maintains a fairly acidic Ph of 4 – 5.5, and this creates an environment in which you can actually leech metals from a direct-contact device such as the Fitbit. This seems to be the case in the 2014 recall, wherein an estimated 9,900 were injured ( blistered or irritated ) by the Fitbit Force.

As with all health decisions, this comes down to personal choice. However it’s worth taking a closer look and doing a little research here. With a thorough investigation you might just find that a Fitbit – or other smart device – is more counterproductive to your health than it is beneficial. For instance, if additional EMF exposure resulting from your Fitbit lowers your energy and increases your anxiety, will your sleep be negatively affected? Will you stress eat more?

Two important considerations, since they both directly affect your quality of life and weight, and non-coincidentally most people use a Fitbit specifically to improve both.

Below I’ve listed a handful of solid, unbiased research articles on EMF exposure to get started with.

As always, I don’t advocate that you do or you don’t; rather that you have all the information needed to make the right choice for your health! After all, who cares what’s popular on the market right now; you and your family’s health and saftely must come first.

Peace, happiness, and health,


Free2BHealthy (color1) (1)


Heavy Metal Toxicity raises risk of EMF sensitivity

Cell phone radiation Science Direct 

EMF fields stress living cells

EMF overview of DNA damage

Science direct, various findings

EMF safety network

International Agency for Research on Cancer

International Journal of Oncology



Where do you live…emotionally?

Where do you live?

We all have a couple emotional states that we call “home”. Meaning, we fall back into these emotional states most often. Sometimes, we even subconsciously try to come back to these emotional states because it’s what’s become comfortable…healthy or not.

Tony Robbins relayed it best when he said that as humans, what we crave most of all is comfort; to remain constant in who we are, regardless of how we actually feel about that state of being.

Because change is scary and unknown.

It’s important for us to be conscious of the fact that animosity, resentment, envy, insecurity, and lack are all tempting “homes” ( seriously, they are addicting ). But living there eats away at our heart and soul from the inside out. It erodes our spirit, the very foundation of our health and feeling of wellness.

And here’s the deal: if you’re one of the few people brave enough to honestly look at yourself and evaluate your emotional “home”, that means you can do something about it! While financially you may not have the means to pick up right now and move to anywhere in the world of your choosing, you absolutely can choose anywhere you’d like to live emotionally.


One of the best ways to pick up and MOVE out? Is to change the way we see everybody around us. Everybody. When we change the way we look at things, the things – and people – we look at tend to change somehow.

Everybody we encounter is dealing with something. Something hurtful, something crappy, and sometimes something devastating.

This idea might sound too simple, too plain to totally change your life and health.

But thought is a powerful tool.

And this – compassion – is truth💜

No one deserves your animosity and nothing is worth crushing your own spirit.

So it’s worth asking again: where do you live?